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"From Dan Casanova"

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From Dan Casanova

By: Dan Casanova

To my aunt, Betsy Casanova. One of Milwaukee”s biggest advocates, whose first job was a nurse for the City”s Health Department. When I moved back to Milwaukee after college, none of my friends or immediate family lived here anymore. I didn”t have a job and was trying to figure out how I could best make an impact on Milwaukee. Aunt Betsy let me borrow her convertible one night and I drove around the city for hours with the top down. I went over the Hoan Bridge 4 or 5 times. It was about 50 degrees out and really windy. I had the heat and music blaring. It was absolutely ridiculous. But I ended that night inspired to find my place in the city and I think about that night every time I drive over the Hoan. Thank you Betsy!

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