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"Jamie and Donna Miller"

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Jamie and Donna Miller

By: The Big Ten: Kelli, Kerri, Nick, Heather, Lyndsey, Christopher, Michael, Keith, Brad, Makayla

On your 64th birthday, Uncle Jamie, we dedicate this bulb to both you and our Auntie Donna. We understand you refer to us as the Big Ten, your nieces and nephews: Kelli, Kerri, Nick, Heather, Lyndsey, Christopher, Michael, Keith, Brad, and Makayla. We, along with our spouses and significant others, love you dearly.

We want to thank you for your unconditional love and support as we’ve grown up. You’ve been a devoted and caring aunt and uncle during the happiest and toughest of moments in our lives. Honest and real. Your home, a safe place for any of us and our children, should we need or want to be at such a place.

When we think of you both, we think of your infectious laughter, your beautiful golden retrievers, the tire swing in your big yard, Grand Nationals, the Camaro (JIMS81), Halloween parties, Thanksgivings, freeze pops, and Squeezeit drinks. So. Much. Laughter.

Uncle Jamie, you’re a soldier in the wrapping paper throwing wars on Christmas. Surprise attacks still catch us off guard. Fishing. Good & Plenty. “Let’s get nuts.” Your pool tables … plural. The punching bag and cool basement. Calling in your counterparts (other uncles) to tie socks together. You’re a jokester and prankster with the kindest of hearts. We also enjoy when you flip off of the camera … or us. It’s funny and we’re all old enough to acknowledge that truth.

Auntie Donna, you’re a hilarious storyteller. Animated, detailed, and with the best commentary to keep us laughing. To some, you’re a family organizer. To all of us you’re a memory keeper. Confident. Sarcastic, as needed! REO Speedwagon. Onion dip. Seven Layer Salad. Empathetic to your core.

As our children have been born into this world, you both have been there to share in our excitement. Andrew, Henry, Tyler, Will, Ava, Nolan, Kaylee, Mia, Raylin, Cayden, Elroy, Layla, Anthony, and Olivia are lucky to have you in their lives.

May you find new meaning in the Hoan Bridge and in Milwaukee now that you share one very cool lightbulb. Happy birthday, Uncle Jamie!

We love you both!

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