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Papa Dick Beckmann
From: Your Grandkids and Great Grand Daughter

September marks our grandfather's 86th birthday and to show our love, we dedicated a Hoan Bridge bulb to him. Our grandfather, Papa Dick Beckmann, was a Civil Engineer through the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, working on Milwaukee freeway and bridge systems for most of his career. When our parents, his children, were little, he would drive them around the city proudly showing off the bridge projects he was currently part of. Growing up, we grandkids knew our Papa was a bridge enthusiast and nicknamed city bridges "Papa's bridge."

Happy Birthday, Papa – We love you!

(Photo from On Milwaukee)

My Moonshine
From: Her Sun and Stars

We are finally at our "dancing in Vegas" moment we talked about all those years ago. It lead us to the Hoan Bridge (YOUR Hoan Bridge) on 9/10/22. Now on 10/8/23 we are at the next step, I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I love you Dawn. May the Force be With Us.

In memory of Pastor Fran Odden
From: Kendra

Pastor Fran was a light to all who knew him. Now his light can shine forever.

Moxie & Aunt Ellen
From: Jan, Brian, Sean, Sammy, Syd & Bea

For the light that Moxie brought to our lives.

Michaela Dimoff
From: Marshall Wilson

For being a dedicated Milwaukee resident since the 1980’s

Legal Action of Wisconsin Staff and Board of Directors
From: Deedee Peterson

We are not silent about hard things.

Dan Renouard
From: Nicole Renouard

Happy Birthday!

Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund
From: Michael Levey and Linda Gorens-Levey

Thank you to the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund for its critical support of access to justice and civil legal aid in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Equal Justice
From: Ellen Pimentel

To my co-workers at Judicare Legal Aid. I am honored to work along side such dedicated advocates.

From: Nathan Petrashek

Thanks to legal aid staff for your tireless efforts to ensure equal access to justice in WI

From: Beth Ann Richlen

Even though I am no longer a Milwaukeean, it warms my heart to see the Hoan light up for Equal Access to Justice in Wisconsin. May the lights of the Hoan shine bright tonight!

Annie Gonring
From: Robin and Mike Gonring

To our daughter Annie, warrior for Equal Justice.

Dedicated to WEJF and all the legal aid advocates around WI
From: Aly & Matt Lynch

Civil legal aid attorneys and staff work tirelessly to help our fellow Wisconsinites out of tough legal situations. Their services are not guaranteed to those who cannot afford them, though. WEJF raises funds so the amazing folks at Disability Rights Wisconsin, Judicare Legal Aid, and Legal Action of Wisconsin can help more people live a better future. We're grateful for you all!

Sheila and Bob Gostisha 50th Anniversary
From: Bobbi and Jenny

Shine on!

My 3 grandchildren
From: Granny

You three light up my life. I will think of you when I gaze at that brilliantly beautiful bridge, and reflect on how fortunate I am to be your Granny.

Brian and Smith
From: Karen Bauer

To celebrate your love and marriage in Milwaukee on September 17, 2023.

Brian and Smith
From: Karen Bauer

Congrats on your marriage and continued happiness and joy with each other.

Michael Furst
From: Martha

Happy Birthday! 🎂
Much Love!

In memory of Sue Jagemann

Loving wife, mother, and nana

Cassie .. your light will shine in my heart no matter how dark it can be….
From: Auntie
Julie Busch
From: Geraldine Busch

In loving memory

My heart & my late husband
From: Roxanne

His name had been mentioned amongst friends and even more intriguing, his reputation for being kind and resilient. Many years earlier, his wife had left him to pursue her own passions as he was left to stay in the role of father and provider to raise his little girl on his own. And in my opinion, he did so better than most families who have a mother and a father. He made her feel loved and gave her purpose. I know this for a fact, for I was fortunate to have come to know his love and affection as well. This is my late husband, Brian, who taught me what true love is. This photo is my favorite of his handsome face because it shows off all his smile lines of which he earned every single one.

Al Borsari
From: Suzy Foster

Happy Birthday, Al! Wishing you a very happy and healthy year.

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