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Milwaukee – May 6th, 2024 – Light the Hoan is thrilled to announce its continued partnership with Miller Lite for the second consecutive year in the fourth annual “Shine a Light” program. This strategic alliance underscores the shared commitment of both organizations to support and uplift the Milwaukee community by highlighting the invaluable work of local non-profit organizations.

“Our partnership with Miller Lite for the Shine a Light program exemplifies our shared vision for a brighter, more inclusive Milwaukee,” said Erika Smith, Executive Director of Light the Hoan. “By joining forces, we can leverage our resources and expertise to amplify the voices of non-profit organizations and shine a spotlight on their remarkable contributions to our community.”

Through the Shine a Light program, participating non-profit organizations have the opportunity to showcase their missions, raise funds, and engage with a broader audience. By illuminating the Hoan Bridge in the colors of their choice for one night, these organizations raise awareness for their causes and inspire others to support their efforts.

“Miller Lite is honored to partner with Light the Hoan for the Shine a Light program, shining a spotlight on the impactful work of Milwaukee’s non-profit community,” said Alison Hanrahan, Manager of Community Affairs for Molson Coors. “Our commitment to supporting local organizations and driving positive change aligns perfectly with the goals of this program. We are empowering non-profits to make an even greater impact on the communities they serve.”

In addition to the illuminating event on the Hoan Bridge, participants of the Shine a Light program have been invited to attend a special meet and greet kickoff event hosted by Miller Lite. This event will provide an opportunity for participants to network, share insights, and build connections in a collaborative environment.

The impact of the Shine a Light program extends far beyond the illumination of the Hoan Bridge. By shining a light on the causes championed by these organizations, Light the Hoan and Miller Lite are elevating their missions and amplifying their impact on the community. Every dollar raised through the program’s bulb dedications is reinvested in the people of Milwaukee and surrounding areas, further fueling the positive momentum of change.

Light the Hoan, in partnership with Miller Lite, is thrilled to partner with:

Non-profit organizations interested in participating in the Shine a Light program for future years will have the opportunity to apply later this year. Opportunities to apply for 2025 will be announced by Light the Hoan later this year.

For more information about the Shine a Light program and how to support participating non-profits, please visit www.lightthehoan.com/shine-a-lite-program/.

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