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Light the Hoan Reaches Another Key Fundraising Milestone

MILWAUKEE — Light the Hoan has raised another $500,000, propelling the collective closer to its ultimate fundraising goal, and ensuring it can move forward with lighting purchases.

Following a successful information session in December, the Dohmen Company Foundation presented the group with a $250,000 challenge grant.

Light the Hoan called on its supporters and exceeded its match in one week, bringing the fundraising round to more than half a million dollars.

A spokesperson for the Dohmen Company Foundation said the successful challenge grant is a sign that fellow Milwaukeeans recognize the economic and aesthetic value that lighting the bridge is positioned to provide.

“The Hoan Bridge is an iconic Milwaukee landmark, yet the structure isn’t being used to its full potential,” the spokesperson added. “When we think about the attraction of cities, both large and small, we expect a certain level of liveliness to accompany downtown areas. As all eyes will soon be on Milwaukee, our first impression matters.”

According to Hoan founders, reaching these funding milestones has allowed the group to place initial orders for lighting — remaining on track to reach its goal of being lit by the time Milwaukee hosts the Democratic National Convention, this summer. The next fundraising milestone is set for mid-April.

“To start off the New Year with this kind of momentum is extremely exciting,” said Michael Hostad, a Light the Hoan co-founder. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the backing of our donors, and look to gain even greater support as we head into these next three critical months of fundraising, when the future of our region stands firmly in the spotlight.”

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